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Our goal is to meet your goals, be it one on one acting sessions or complete creation of your newest production.
L.I.P. Service will provide for your desired theatrical effect.
Jason Leyva serves as the main instructor and has connections with industry pros who will provided specific instruction for your needs.
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Acting Classes
Acting is a craft that is continuously growing and changing and pushing the envelope of personal expression. An actor must continue to challenge themself as a performer and grow with each opportunity to perform.
L.I.P. Service provides one on one acting instruction from a working actor who continues to receive accolades from the community in which he succeeds
Dance Classes
Straying form the traditional classroom format, L.I.P. Servicecan provide your student with one on one attention for a specific goal. For auditioning or perfection of detailed goals, we can provide you with instruction to assist with making you a better all around performer.
Stage Combat
You would be surprised what you don't know about fighting on stage. L.I.P. Service can provide you with safe training on how to do the most basic stunts to the most intracite stage fighting. 
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Technical Classes
Interested in some behind the scenes work? The technical aspects of every show bring cohesion to a production and often take a good show to an outstanding masterpiece!  From lighting and sound design to running a show like a pro....
L.I.P. Servicecan provide the training needed for all backstage elements of your next production.

Theatrical Make-Up and Wigs
Looking to learn how to make that bloody scar on your face or how to become the Queen of England? L.I.P. Service can provide you with the training needed to do that very thing. From Special Effects Make Up to Wig control and maintenence, you can learn the tricks of the trade for your next performance.