The Gunslingers

The Gunslingers is a sharp shooting, gun slinging, stylized western exploring the sometimes hilarious intersection of lust, greed and money. Butch (John Elliot) is a bounty hunter who just wants to get paid an honest amount for an honest day's work; his chattel, morally corrupt Rattler Fenton just wants to cash in on his well hidden and – to hear him tell it – hard won gold. As Butch navigates an increasingly magical West in search of payment he is joined by a quirky band of outcasts and outlaws –including beautiful, ferocious Akemi (Narisa Suzuki) - and terrorized by the entirely evil but not entirely human Mondego gang. Good and Evil collide, as both heroes and villains alike are enthralled by the Ecstasy of Gold.

Jason Leyva as Charlie Chavez
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"Search And Destroy" By Howard Korder

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Search and Destroy contains : 
Violence/Language/Drug Use
Martin Mirkheim owes the state of Florida $47,000 in back taxes, but this is not where his mind is focused. Instead he is intent on acquiring the film rights to a novel called Daniel Strong, written by Dr. Waxling, a pseudo-religious-type guru. The first part of Martin's journey is spent trying to meet Dr. Waxling, but he is kept away by secretaries and personal assistants. When finally face to face with Waxling, Martin discovers that the good doctor is less interested in any "higher truth" than in getting $500,000 for the film rights. Still consumed by his desire to make the book into a movie, Martin resorts to deceit, blackmail, fraud, extortion and murder to claw his way to success in a riveting indictment of American values today.

Told in a series of short scenes, this play is by turns darkly funny and malevolent; the story of a man who will stop at nothing in his pursuit of his dream and the Big Score. "SEARCH AND DESTROY is a very adventurous play by a very talented young dramatist…" —NY Times.

​"It'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Its evolution, shot through with brilliant gutter language, is vintage stuff, arresting and real…An altogether extraordinary achievement." —LA Times. ".

​​Korder has a powerful sense of what is theatrically viable." —NY Daily News. "SEARCH AND DESTROY will…disturbingly entertain." —The New Yorker.

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There's a secret arms race for human potential, as genetic engineers scramble to create the formula that will unlock "posthuman" powers. The first posthuman finds himself unable to control his newfound abilities which leads to explosive results. The consequences of which have an effect on five teens in the area who receive a genetic boost beyond anything they'd ever imagined. The five race against the clock to find out the secret of these powers, and to unleash the true power that lies within themselves.
Jason Leyva as Uncle Billy
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